Hi! I’m Brittani. And I’m on a mission to help you create a healthier home...one pinch at a time.

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As a wife and mom of two kids plus a puppy, I get it. Your family is your top priority and you would do anything to ensure their health and safety. But with busy schedules, carpool and all the obligations of raising a family, I realize that finding the time to sift through all of the current health topics and decipher what’s best for your family can be a challenge. It can sometimes seem like health rules change mid sentence leaving you confused and frustrated. That's where I come in. 

I graduated from college with a degree in biology and had aspirations of becoming a doctor. I entered graduate school immediately following graduation, while at the same time growing and nurturing my young family of four. While in graduate school, I took a long hard look at my dreams and decided that medical school was not the best fit for my family, finances or the life I wanted to create for myself. So after earning my master's degree in biomedical science, I decided that my formal education was complete.

I have always loved learning and growing my knowledge in areas of health and consider myself a lifetime student.  



I was born in Kansas but moved to Georgia when I was 2 so I consider myself an honorary Georgia peach.  We have lived in just about every suburb of Georgia thanks to my high-achieving husband’s constant move up the corporate ladder and are likely facing yet another moving soon. In his world of business and finance, when opportunity knocks, you go! 

As a result, I have decided that it would be best for me to be more stationary and provide myself with the ability to work anywhere.

After much thought about what I could (and wanted) to do, I decided that an online format that I could work from home and connect with other moms about health-related topics was the way for me. I decided to launch the Pinch of Health online brand to share my passion for health and help women around the world create a home that will facilitate better health for their family.

I love the Lord, interior design, makeup, traveling with my hubby, working in my pj’s, cooking, Roger Federer (tennis, anyone?), cold weather, luxurious hotel rooms, giving birth (am I the only one?) and watching my kids at their activities.


Family Holiday Picture from 2016
My son Jaden, daughter Aliya and husband Chris.


I like to think my entrepreneurial journey began the second I became a mom. That little boy (who’s not so little anymore) and the little girl that followed were my empire and I was the freshly appointed CEO. It is my hope that you find everything I share on Pinch of Health to be helpful in navigating the sometimes confusing health/science world and that the information I share makes a lasting impact on your home for the better. I only want to share things that really matter and can make a true difference in your family’s life.