Last week we discussed the importance of healthy cookware for your home. We talked about avoiding Teflon and aluminum cookware, and the overwhelming question I received is, “Is it okay to use aluminum foil while cooking or baking".



When it comes to aluminum,  there are many health concerns to be aware of (click here to read this post for more details). The International Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease states that aluminum is a well established neurotoxin and is suspected to be linked with various neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s disease and ALS. In laymen’s terms, aluminum is proved to be toxic to your brain and could lead to various diseases.  


So, your question was a great one. Should we, or should we not, use aluminum foil when cooking or baking?





The simple answer, no.



Aluminum foil becomes problematic either when it is heated or when it comes in contact with hot, wet, seasoned or acidic foods. This problem eliminates all cooking methods. When heated, the aluminum that makes the foil, is in essence mobilized and leaches into your food during the cooking process. And because we are now aware that aluminum is bad for our brain, it is obvious that cooking with aluminum should stop. 

You may now wonder, is it ok to wrap your food in aluminum foil once it has cooled. The safe answer to this is also no, since the contents of the food (the spice and acidity) will eventually break down the aluminum causing it to leach into your food and ultimately your body. But cookies, cake, or similar, not hot, items can be transported in aluminum foil for a few hours. Just be sure to transfer them out as soon as you get the chance.


So what are we to do?


I’ve been able to easily eliminate the need to use aluminum foil by taking the following measures:


  1. Using either cast iron, ceramic or stainless steel cookware (click here for video recap). And baking in glass or porcelain bakeware.
  2. Using silicone for baking. I use a silicone baking mat like this one for baking cookies and silicone muffin cups like these for baking muffins.
  3. Using an organic cooking oil or spray in place of foil for cooking food like chicken wings. 



**Many of you asked specifically about wrapping baked potatoes with foil. Hopefully you will no longer do that, and instead pierce your potatoes with a fork all around before baking. For crispier skin, rub the potatoes with oil before baking. Potatoes can be baked directly on the oven baking rack. Click here for a recipe that has great reviews without the foil.**


When it comes to healthy living, cooking or otherwise, the key is to control what you can. So if you go to a cookout and there is foil wrapped around everything, fine. Just control what you do on an everyday basis in your home. It's consistent and sustained actions that most affect our health. So don't worry about what happens occasionally, or outside your home too much. Just do your part for your family. 🙂


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