When it comes to keeping a kid's room (or any bedroom, for that matter) clean, closet organization is what will often make or break you. This little boy's closet was filled with about 50% of clothes and shoes that were too small, making the closet junkier for no reason. Not to mention all of the toys and games whose pieces had been misplaced never to be found again. The final organization is simple, easy to keep up, and showcases exactly what this kid needs to have a great school year.

I would rank this little boy's closet a mere 4 on the disorganization scale. Sure there were clothes, blankets, random checkers pieces, and a few coins all over the place. But for the most part, this one wasn't too bad.

After going through each and every item, there were many bags for Goodwill and a few for trash. This is the stash we got rid of, including a whole bag of hangers, and what we pulled out of the dresser (which I will show in a later post).

Then it was time to implement the closet organization plan we developed with what was left. This closet really only had two categories to work through: clothes/outerwear & games.

I separated the winter clothes and stored them for later, and replaced the hanging organizer with a new one to house more transitional pieces.  We picked this hanging organizer up from The Container Store, but you can typically find them at Target, Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshall's, Home Goods, etc. I love utilizing hanging organizers to make better use of vertical space. Here I put all of this little boy's lightweight fall pieces for easy access as the weather begins to change.

I utilized the hanging space to put all of his school uniforms on display. This way, you can see at a glance what he has clean and ready to go. If you have a kid that wears uniforms, you know the headache looking for uniforms the morning of school, only to find that there are no more clean shirts.

This is also the spot in the house where the family's board games reside, so I picked up this hamper to fit them all in for easy access.


That's it! A clean, organized kid's closet that is functional, minimal, and easy to maintain. If you're looking to have your kids' closet organized (or yours!), click the button below to book a FREE consultation today!

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