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The purpose of the chat is to learn how the organization of your home can affect your health as well as to your family’s health.





Being unorganized in your home can often lead to stress. Not being able to find the important piece of mail, your child’s field trip permission slip and everything else that seems to come up missing on a daily basis can make you want to pull your hair out.


Being stressed is detrimental to your waistline as well. When you stress, your body releases a hormone called cortisol (known as the stress hormone) from your adrenal glands in an attempt to help you deal with the stress you face. Cortisol increases your blood sugar levels to immediately give you the energy you need to fight off or run from the stress you are facing. It also causes your digestive system to slow down and leads to decreased immune function.


This hormonal response is intended to be a temporary, quick response to impending danger but when your stress levels remain high, so does cortisol. This can lead to an increase in weight gain as insulin leads to fat storage. Digestion is also slowed which can cause digestive complications.

By being better organized, we can reduce a lot of our stress at home and therefore function in a relaxed environment that is more conducive for weight loss/maintenance. We want to avoid high or sustained levels of cortisol by reducing all stress, be it emotional or physical.



If you have cravings, science shows that stress can be to blame. Read this article by Harvard University that shows that stress leads to cravings of high sugar and high fat foods and causes you to overeat.



Studies show that we sleep better in an organized environment. Your brain is constantly processing everything it sees. In cluttered spaces, you can imagine the overwhelming affect your brain goes through. This is especially true for your child’s growing brain. Additionally, the decrease in stress we talked about with cortisol will also improve your sleep.



This one kind of goes without saying, but when things are better organized, it’s easier to remember where things are, when bills are due, etc.



When you’re organized, you’re able to think more clearly and accomplish more goals. And since you also sleep better and have better memory, productivity is bound to go up. I know for me, I’ve been MUCH more productive in all areas of life once I got my home in order.



Seems obvious that being organized will make your home neater, but did you know it can actually make it cleaner? Being organized and getting rid of excess clutter reduces the places germs and toxins can hide out. Having too much stuff everywhere can create a breeding ground for germs and toxins because there are more surfaces for them to gather on and creates more cleaning challenges for you.



The less clutter you have in your home, the less dust you have. And the less dust you have, the better you and your family can breathe. Ever wonder where all that dust comes from or what’s in it? Click here to read this article that will both gross you out and inform you.



Your child’s brain is rapidly growing and processing everything they see. Their brain can become overwhelmed by too much clutter and make it difficult to provide the focus needed to learn new material. Additionally, as they get older disorganization can affect their time management, ability to be responsible and reliability.



When I finally figured out how to properly organize my home and more importantly how to maintain it, I noticed a change in my mood. I don’t know how you like to spend your time, but I know for me it’s not cleaning all day or even all weekend. As a result of my better mood, I also feel like a better mother and a better spouse by freeing my emotions to reflect the type of wife and mom I want to be. Without realizing it, I found myself constantly tired and groggy by the end of the day because I was overwhelmed with the day’s tasks. I can now easily accomplish what’s needed without getting burned out as frequently.


I’ve been a lifelong organizer and have tried many of the systems and gadgets out there that promise to help you stay organized. Absolutely none of them worked long-term until I read Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up! If you know me personally, I’m sure I’ve shoved it down your throat, I’ve even written about it here on the blog. And honestly, everyone I have shared it with has completely changed their lives as a result of going through the process.


I know there are other methods of organizing that can yield results. But this one I can tell you for sure works and is sustainable.


To read my book review on it click here. Otherwise, get yourself a copy and get to reading!  


Whether you read that particular book or not, I hope you’re inspired to be more organized in your home. Your life will be better for it.


Here's the live video chat.



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