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Below you will find a detailed breakdown of each section of the Healthy Kitchen Guide including the 10 page bonus section



-Guide to organizing the refrigerator based on health standards.

-Kitchen counters organizational exercise to maintain the prime real estate in your kitchen.

-Helpful tips to a more organized pantry & other kitchen functions.


CLEANING (10 pages)

-Overview on the purpose of healthy cleaning which highlights key things to consider.

-The goal of utilizing healthy cleaning practices within your kitchen and ultimately your home.

-Overview on the pros and cons of DIY and store-bought cleaning products realizing each method has its benefits and disadvantages.

-Overview on the basics of making your own cleaning products.

-Guide to store-bought cleaning products.

-Overview on the labels to look for when purchasing store-bought products and what each label means and how they are relevant to your health.

-Special notes on how to care for your kitchen utensils, cutting boards and dishes.

-Special notes on the sink, oven and dishwasher to ensure they function properly and are properly cleaned.

-Notes on using towels, sponges and paper towels in your kitchen. USDA recommendations and tips.

-Guide to properly caring for the floors in your kitchen without toxic chemicals.

-Tips on cleaning and caring for wood floors.

-A note on the environment and cleaning products.


COOKWARE (2 pages)

-An in depth look at the 7 popular cookware options.

-A guide on which cookware is safe to use and those that aren’t.

-A discussion on each of the cookware options and how they impact your health.


COOKING (5 pages)

-Guide on how to properly thaw food.

-Proper maintenance on the refrigerator and freezer for keeping bacteria levels at bay.

-Overview on the healthy maintenance of wood, bamboo, plastic and glass cutting boards.

-A warning for knife blocks.

-A guide to proper cooking temperatures.

-Details on cooking meat and poultry.

-Tips on how to prevent cooked food from spoiling.

-Tips on how to cook food to maintain nutrients.

-A guide for washing produce that covers topics including when to wash your produce and what to do if you pre wash your produce to extend their longevity.

-A note on washing meat before cooking. Hint: Don’t. 🙂

-A guide on microwave use. Microwave safety and food safety is discussed.

-My advice on whether or not you should use a microwave.


FOOD STORAGE (2 pages)

-General guidelines for food storage to maintain freshness.

-An overview the different types of storage containers.

-Tips on how to use storage containers to not compromise the health of your food.

-The absolute best option for food storage containers.


BONUS! (10 pages)

-Extra cleaning tips for the blender, ice dispenser, microwave, sink drain and cutting board.

-Highlight of 2 companies I absolutely love and that you can trust to buy your cleaning products from.

-6 healthy DIY cleaning recipes including an all purpose cleaner, granite, marble and stone cleaner, oven cleaner, heavy disinfectant, pan degreaser and a refrigerator cleaner.

-A thorough breakdown of how to properly care for cast iron including steps for seasoning and maintenance tips.

-Tips for grocery shopping to maximize the health and freshness of your food.

-A chart detailing the 7 different types of plastic containers and which are safe to use for certain circumstances.

-A handy conversions chart for kitchen use.

-A chart of the USDA-FDA cold food storage guidelines.

-An overview on the various food product labels.

-Notes on water including how to determine the contaminants in your household water as well as the Environmental Working Group’s suggestion for water bottles.

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