So I’ve been a little missing in action on the blog. Since October 21st to be exact. I'm so happy to be back at it and I hope that what I’m sharing today will make up for that, and then some!

I launched the Pinch of Health brand with families like yours in mind. If you are a woman with children still at home that you care for, I especially had you at the top of my list! My goal is and always will be, to help families create a healthier home.

And if I know my fellow moms like I think I do, you spend a lot of time in one particular room of your house. So for the very first product created for Pinch of Health, I’ve focused on this room.



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I’ve conducted survey after survey, and undoubtedly the kitchen is where most of you spend  a great deal of your time at home. From cooking each day’s meals, to cleaning it, to putting groceries away, the amount of time you spend in the kitchen is probably only beaten by the number of hours of sleep you get per night.


In terms of health concerns within the home, the kitchen also ranked as #1. WIth cleaning products, cookware and food storage to consider, trying to keep up with today’s health recommendations can be a challenge.


That is where the Healthy Kitchen Guide comes in! It was created to give you the knowledge and resources you need to create a healthier kitchen for your family. Have you ever wondered if your cookware is leaching chemicals into your food? And what about cleaning products? Did you know that many of the common household cleaners directly contribute to childhood breathing issues? 

I cover these topics and SOOO much more in the guide


Here are the 5 topics covered in the Healthy Kitchen Guide
  1. Organization

  2. Cleaning

  3. Cookware

  4. Cooking

  5. Food Storage

  6. And there’s an added bonus section with a bunch of great information and resources.



I start with organization because proper organization will carry you far in the mental health department. 🙂 There are a few other health issues I discuss in this chapter like how to properly organize your refrigerator to ensure the longevity and safety of your food.


The cleaning section is the largest section of the guide (tied with the awesome bonus section). The health implications that come from your cleaning methods and products are hugely impactful and it will serve your family’s health well to do a complete overhaul.


Cookware options now-a-days are about as numerous as cleaning products. The cookware you choose however, is almost as important as the food you choose. In fact, I say that your food is only as healthy as the cookware you cook it in. Imagine buying high-quality food, say some hormone and antibiotic-free, organic chicken. To take it home and cook it using cookware that leaches toxic chemicals into it, and subsequently into your bodies is counter-productive. In the guide, I give you the rundown on 7 popular cookware options and which you should use and those you should avoid.


When it comes to cooking there are a number of things to consider for optimal health. Remember, it is my goal to help you create a healthier home. So in this guide, I am not discussing nutrition whatsoever. I know several great nutritionists so if that’s what you’re looking for shoot me an email and I will put you in contact with them. But this guide focuses instead on proper food preparation methods including thawing food properly, cutting board usage, maintaining nutrients in your food while you cook, microwave safety (if you use one at all) and much more.


We live in America, land of plenty. So when it comes to extra food, we have a lot of it. How you store your food is just as important as what you cook it in. The food storage section covers which you should use in different circumstances. Here’s one hint: no hot foods in plastic tupperware.


As for the bonus section, these were pages full of great information that I thought you should have but didn’t put in another category. Here you will find some cleaning recipes if you would like to make your own, amongst other topics.


So there you have it! Your Healthy Kitchen Guide.


It comes in 2 formats:

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  1. Mailed-Hard Copy. Features a beautifully designed copy of the Healthy Kitchen Guide, video introductions not featured on the PDF version, and a special gift only sent to those that purchase the hard copy!
  2. PDF Download. No gift, no videos but all the same information in pdf form.


Head over to the brand new “Shop” page to see it in all it’s beautiful, healthy glory!


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