Microfiber cleaning towels can be used on any surface including glass and electronic devices.


Clean like a professional. Microfiber cleaning towels are the perfect companion to your healthy home.

Microfiber towels are non-abrasive yet offer the cleaning power of sponges with their many fibers that act like tiny scrubbers that effortlessly clean dirt, dust, glass and just about every other surface in your home.

Use one for streak-free glass cleaning, a damp towel for dusting, and another for kitchen needs. The uses are endless and you will find yourself reaching for these towels on a regular basis.

Microfiber towels work best when damp and/or with a nontoxic cleaning solution.

To clean, do not use bleach, fabric softener (liquid or sheets).

To maintain integrity of the towels, wash them separate from other cotton items. DRY ON LOW HEAT to prevent melting the fibers.

This listing is for a set of 4 — 12 X 12 Inch towels.


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