In the last post I shared 6 reasons it’s important to love your home. Click here to read that post.

Today’s post is all about 5 ways that you can do just that!








When it comes to our kids, we wouldn’t dream of sending them out looking a hot mess. But for some reason, when it comes to our homes it is too easy to think that unless we’re having company it doesn’t matter how our homes look. Yet when we’re expecting guests, we pull out all the stops.


We make their beds just right, we clean the puppy’s wet nose smears off the windows, we organize the refrigerator and finally break down all those amazon boxes that have been slowly taking over. And while these are all commendable things to do for company, what pulling out all the stops for company only is honestly saying, is that your company’s comfort and satisfaction in your home is more important than that of yours or your family’s. I have definitely been guilty of feeling that way, even if only subconsciously. But after reading this book I have come to value and treasure the tidiness of my home more than ever.


The method outlined in the book is obviously not the only method of keeping your home tidy. Do whatever works for you. But for people like me that tend to want to hold on to everything (albeit well-organized) that book was pure gold. So don’t only pull out all the stops for others, keep your home tidy for yourself and your family on a regular basis.

Action Step: Over the next couple of days spruce up your home like you do when you’re expecting guests. Then strive to keep it that way for yourself and your family.




I have made more runs to Goodwill this week and dropped off more items than I did all last year. Why? Because over the years, I had allowed my home to become more of a discreet storage unit than a loving abode for my family.


Returning home from a vacation after staying in a luxurious yet minimalistic Airbnb guest house in California made me realize just how much stuff I had in my home that didn’t suit my ideal vision for myself or my family. From rugs that I’d had far too long, to shower caddies that had worn out their welcome, to decorations that didn’t suit my newly found, Instagram and Pinterest-inspired aesthetic.  As I looked around, I realized just how much needed to go to make room for things I actually love and want in my home.


I encourage you to take inventory around your house. Room by room. Take in your surroundings and ask yourself if this is the vision you have for your family’s life. The outcome of filling your home with only things you love are immeasurable. Sure it may take awhile to save up to purchase what you want, but I’d rather have a goal to work toward than a house filled with things I don’t love.

Action Step: Make a home decor board on Pinterest or download my favorite ho app Houzz and save home images that inspire you and give you a vision to work toward.





If you're like me, you see plenty of ideas and methods that inspire you to try them in your own homes. DIY projects, dry erase reward boards, chalkboard everything, the list goes on. But take inventory throughout your home, and really think about if the systems you have in place are actually serving you and your family well.


Is your husband always flustered in the morning looking for his work phone or keys? Are your kids constantly looking for one shoe while the other is on the other foot? Pay close attention to what isn’t working and then brainstorm a way to make it work. For example, I have 2 dry erase calendars in my laundry room that I set up with great intention for my family. The first was created as a chore calendar where I perfectly prepared their individual chore list each day and attached with a pretty magnet I purchased from Marshall's. Each day they were to come in and take their respective list and tackle the day’s chores. Once they did so, I would sign that square’s date signaling a job well done. Once they received a certain number of signatures, they earned a reward. The other was a family calendar that hosted all field trips, work events, etc. which I decorated with a pretty picture representing the month we were currently in. Think scarecrows and fall leaves for October, and hearts and kisses for February. I think I used this system for about 9 months with great success and enthusiasm. However, as of May 2016 both calendars have not been updated since November 2014. Even though both were great ideas and served my family for a time-period, I needed to let them go.


Another thing it pained me to let go of that wasn’t working were candles. Now, I love aromatherapy and scented anything. But most conventional candles are laden with chemicals that contribute to brain fog, fatigue, allergies, and on and on. My home has been candle-free for some time now and we all breathe easier for it. (See what I use now instead on the next section).

Action Step: Take inventory of the decorations, systems and layout of your home and weed out anything that doesn’t currently serve your family.





Just as important as knowing what isn’t working for your home and your family is knowing what is working.


For my family, it works to have designated homework space, place for them to put papers for my review or signature, and for there to be a laundry hamper in each kid’s bedroom as well as their bathroom. I’ve noticed that when I forget to place the bathroom hamper back after bringing it downstairs, clothes end up on the floor in the bathroom and in the hall. Not sure who’s stripping down on the way to the bathroom, but this almost never happens when the bathroom hamper is in place.


Also not to be forgotten is what works for your overall health and well-being. Since I’m home most of the day, I’ve learned that opening all the blinds first thing in the morning really boosts my mood, even on a rainy day. Remember on the last one I told you candles no longer served my family? Well something that works like a charm is to use my essential oil diffuser. Using pure, essential oils to purify and perfume my home was the best addition to my house all last year, besides my puppy. 🙂 This is the one I have, but there are plenty out there. I ordered mine from Amazon and have recommended it several times over.

Action Step: Pay attention to what is currently working and serving your family well and be sure to continue to implement it. I never realized how much that one extra hamper really helped until I paid attention.




It’s easy to think, if I had the home of my dreams I would love keeping it perfectly cleaned and filling it with the things that I love. I used to feel that way when we were living in a 2 bedroom townhouse as a family of 4. But the truth of the matter is, you can love your home in its current state, right now if you want to.


Life is much too short to wait to enjoy your current dwelling place. And your attitude toward your home will likely rub off on your family as well. If you see it as a burden and a hassle, it is likely your family won’t value it much either. It may take some time to find the perfect cleaning routine or the home decor you most desire, but love your home just as you do your family, just as they are. 🙂

Action Step: Take care of your home as you would anything else you love.

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